Tranquility Spa Services



Tranquility Spa Services

Back Tension Relief Massage (30 mins/$50)

This is a deep tissue massage performed to release the accumulated tension in the neck, shoulders and back.  You will immediately feel relieved from stress and pain.

Facial Massage (30 mins/$50)

Facial massage is a very popular beauty treatment to slow down the aging process.  It is also known as "face yoga".  It relaxes your facial muscles, which releases wrinkles.  And also relieves muscle tension and pain.

Relaxation Massage (60 mins/$85)

This relaxing Swedish-style massage uses a skillful combination of gentle stroking, kneading and deep circular motions to help soothe your sore, tired muscles.  Let your mind drift as your therapist works to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow in blood and release toxins from tissue, leaving you relaxed yet invogorated.

Aroma Oil Massage (30 mins/$55     60 mins/$90)

Let Tranquility Spa take you on a wellness journey of the senses.  Aromatic oils are blended to your needs - the soothing, lasting effect provides a sense of harmony and well-being.  Aroma Oil Massage are available to relieve specific ailments such as arthritis, headaches or muscle tension.

Chocolate Lover (75 mins/$99)

Do you love chocolate and massage?  A chocolate massage package may be just for you.  Rich, warmed chocolate oil, used in a relaxation massage.  Chocolate is high in antioxidants which gives the skin a firmer, plumper look.  It is the best way to slip out of reality while the chocolate aromas engulf your senses.  

Package includes:  Chocolate Swedish Relaxation Massage and Mini Facial

Love Yourself (75 mins/$99)

Allow the skin ritual body polish smooths your skin before Back, Neck and Shoulder massage.  Relax and release any back tension with this warm, soothing detox and massge treatment before flowing into your facial.

Package includes:  Body Polish, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage and Mini Facial

Escape Winter (70 mins/$110)

Hot stone massage or stone therapy is unusual technique of massage with the use of warm stones of natural origin to affect certain points connected to the internal organs and muscles of our body.  These unique stones add heat directly to your body melting away tension and stress.  And finish with facial massage.

Package includes:  Hot Stone Massage and Facial Massage

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